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Nov 14, 2012 9:00am EST
to stay on as he house democratic leader. ten years ago today. the &pcalifornia democrat mmde history as the first woman toyott is recalling more than 3 2-point-77million ehhcles waaer pump problem.the recall includes the prius hybrid... corolla..... and other mmdels producee in japannfrom the year 20000to 2012.this is the in recent months.the company sayy owners that are affecced will be notiiied by mail next month. pf you're ii a relationshhp n extra page with your name on ii... that you never knew about.turnssout... the social mediaasite is takkng information about userr whh are in a relationshhp... andd cceatinn detaiis &pyouu shhred ppsts andd both tagged ii. a new sandwich shop in boston &pis making nationall headlines... for its choice of . location."the earl of &psandwich" chain opened up sho on monnay... on the boston puiiling was built in the t - p9-20's as √°bathroom√°... unused for several decades. the sandwich coopany paad to renovate tte building... and 50-thhusand dollars a year for ccming upp.. one man discovers his long-lost twwn... in aapiece of artwwr
Nov 15, 2012 9:00am EST
the uniqueebird and reptile species that live 3bllck fridayyis more than a week away... but in california... shoppers are alleeay startiig to camp ouu season.this is video out of san diegoo.. where some eager residents don't want to miss out n some early buyssimagine how loog that lineewill be by this timeenext week! 3 3 one of thh more unique hooiday traditions is underway in columbia thii morning.. nearly 700 pllnts are being transformed into somethinggelse. at the "mall in columbia" to see how they do it, and ore &psay "poinsettii" good morning joel d. d. 3 3 3 3 he's been voted people magazine's hh's been voted he's been voted people maggzine's "sexiest man live." aaive."actor ccanning tatum... who had a big year starrrng in "tte vow"... "21 jump street" and "maaic mike"... saas he was surprised by the news.the joke oo him at first.tattm is a native of alabama..uringghis free time... he enjoys sculpting.he also enjoos quoting eedar allen poe. coming up.... she had one of hollywood's longest marriages... and never eeen knew it!how actress jaaeane garofolo wass arried for 20 years.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2